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Computers for Kids Project

Each year since 2005, NLWL has provided families in need with a refurbished computer, video monitor, and printer for their students to use at home. Thanks to a collaboration with Microsoft, we are also able to provide new versions of Windows and Office on these PCs.

We identify families in our local school district who cannot afford to have a computer at home for their children. We then deliver these computers and provide training so the kids can get started using them.

We believe that it is critical for children to know how to use a computer in today's society.

Here are pictures of the recipient families (used with their permission).

Click on a picture for a larger version.

Given that it has become more difficult to find families who do not already have a computer, we have decided that the 2015-2016 school year will be our last for this program. We thank everyone who donated their old computers, funds, or other hardware to this effort.

2015-2016 School Year
 Computer 42 Finds a Good Home Computer 43 Finds a Good Home  Computer 44 Finds a Good Home  Computer 45 Finds a Good Home 
Computer 46 Finds a Good Home  Computer 47 Finds a Good Home   Computer 48 Finds a Good Home Computer 49 Finds a Good Home 
Computer 50 Finds a Good Home       

2014-2015 School Year
Computer 38 Gets Delivered Computer 39 Gets Delivered Computer 40 Gets Delivered Computer 41 Gets Delivered

2013-2014 School Year
Computer 33 is delivered  Computer 34 is delivered  Computer 35 is delivered  Computer 36 is delivered 
Computer 37 is delivered 

2012-2013 School Year
Computer 29 Finds a Good Home  Computer 30 Finds a Good Home  Computer 31 Finds a Good Home  Computer 32 Finds a Good Home 

2011-2012 School Year

2010-2011 School Year
2009-2010 School Year

2008-2009 School Year

2007-2008 School Year

2006-2007 School Year

2005-2006 School Year